Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Weblog Assignement #2


For me, the polygamy it's serious subject. Maybe because this lifestyle it's not in my culture. But, in HBO, it's possible to watch a new television show about polygamy. The title is "Big love". I beleive it's funnt show with a serious subject. I going on the web page of "Big love", and i found many things who talk about this tv show. It's possible to found an Episode Guide, one Blog, many interviews with the actor, videos about the promo. And, i found a shop Big love... It's a very complete website about this tv show.


I beleive The big love it's a funny television show. But for me the polygamy it's not funny. I don't understand why a person need to became poloygam. If you want to stay with many peoples, don't get married. If you are married, get divorced and have a fun after. I beleive it'a disrespectful behaviour for the other spouse. I know in differant country the polygamy is legal and acceptable. Maybe my opinion are a little bit severe but i have a big problem with this lifestyle.

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  • Tuesday, April 3, 2007

    Weblog Assignement #1


    Do you know what means "Stay-at-home dads?" For learning more about that, i have a good site for you. If you are a dad in the home it's a good site for you, because your found it many subjects who speek about your situation. It's a easy and friendly site. I see in this web site, many interesting articles, links, and discussion forum. It's a complet site.


    I choose this subject because i think a man in the home it'a not a commun way, and maybe this mans need more comprehension about his choice. I don't know a person who is a dad in the home, but sometimes somebody tell me : "look this man, he don't work, he take care about his kids and his wife go to work." But so what, it is his choice and personnatly i don't have a problem with this. And may be if you go on this web site you undersand more this new life style.

    See you
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  • Friday, March 30, 2007


    I'am Marie. I come from Canada, provine of Quebec. I'am a new student in CESL. I don't speak english, because Quebec it's a french province.

    I have 33 years old. I'am in this area for two or tree years. I moved here with my husband and my tree childrens.

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